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Travel Brass Quintet

Formed in 2004 by a fellow student at Tokyo University of the Arts.

In addition to conducting concert tours in various places while still in school, he has been active in various situations such as performing on TV programs, appearing in magazines, and appearing as a guest at events.

In addition, the classic performance "Picture Book de Classic" for parents and children, which was launched in 2013 and can be entered from the age of 0, has become a hot topic with unprecedented elaborate content, and tickets from all over the country are sold out in just a few years. It has grown with performances and has already mobilized tens of thousands of people.

From 2020, it will be reorganized as a new group Travel Brass Quintet + that is not bound by the existing form, and more activities are expected.

Since "Travel" has the meaning of "sound is transmitted", it was named with the hope that our music will also be transmitted.

Click here for information on Travel Brass Quintet +

Travel Brass Quintet
トランペット Trumpet​
濱口 勝治  Katsuji HAMAGUCHI

Born in Nagasaki . Appeared in the 29th Nagasaki Newcomer Announcement Concert in 2001. Completed a short-term course of Tokyo University of the Arts.Now Hamaguchi is a freelance player in Tokyo and he plays in  symphony orchestras, musicals and studio recordings.Studied trumpet under Koji Motomura, Akihiko Ikawa, and Mineo Sugiki.

Katsuji Hamaguchi
トランペット Trumpet​
只友 佑季  Yuki TADATOMO

Born in Okayama prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts after graduating from Meiseigakuin High School.

Currently, he is active in various performance activities based in Kanto, and also holds solo recitals and concerts in his hometown of Okayama.

He also teaches younger students at many schools such as Kanto and Okayama, including a special lecturer at Meiseigakuin High School.

He studied trumpet under Mineo Sugiki, David Herzog, and Akihiko Ikawa, and chamber music under Mineo Sugiki, Eiichi Inagawa, and Satoshi Kamiya. A member of the Melange Ensemble.

Yuki Tadatomo
ホルン Horn

Born in Kyoto Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with the Ataka Award and the Acanthus Music Award.

Graduated from Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts at the top.

After training at the Detmold Opera House and a contract member of the Wiesbaden Hessen Opera House, he was a horn player of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. Lecturer at Toho University of Music.
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Jo Kishigami
トロンボーン Trombone
東川 暁洋  Akihiro HIGASHIKAWA

Born in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. After working at Tokyo University of the Arts, he is currently a trombone player of the Geidai Philharmonia Orchestra.

1st place in the 10th Japan Trombone Competition, 1st place in the 29th Japan Percussion Instrument Competition Trombone Division, 2nd place in the 12th Tokyo Music Competition Brass Division.

Studied under Ryo Amano, Shuichi Murayama, Satoshi Kamiya, and Shinji Koga.

Akihiro Higashikawa
チューバ Tuba
四條 由紀子  Yukiko SHIJO

Born in Saitama prefecture. After graduating from Matsufushi High School Music Department, after working at Tokoha Gakuen Junior College Music Department, entered Tokyo University of the Arts in 2004 and graduated from the same university in 2008.

Winner of the 11th Japanese Classical Music Competition.

He has studied tuba under Eiichi Inagawa and Jun Sugiyama. Currently, as a freelance musician, he is active mainly in chamber music.

Yukiko Shijo
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